This article is an extract based on OHPI’s Annual Report for the 2016 Financial Year. Return to the Report.

Government Engagement

gov-engagement-fbDuring the year OHPI engaged with a range of government stakeholders at both the operational and strategic level. This work included 9 incidents working with State or Federal Police, typically involving the creation of confidential reports either at the request of police or on OHPI’s initiative on matters of concern to police.

OHPI received significant funding from the Victorian Government to support and enhance our operations. This funding supported a range of activities and OHPI surpassed Key Progress Indicators in some cases significantly. Part of the grant covered a major campaign on Australia Day promoting positive Australian values such as multiculturalism, tolerance, mateship, religious pluralism, respecting people’s dignity, and commitment to the rule of law. Through the campaign OHPI spoke out against the use of national icons (such as the flag) to exclude and marginalize minority groups. The campaign reached over 160,000 Australian Facebook users and drew over 7,200 likes, shares and comments.

A major OHPI project, Spotlight on Anti-Muslim Hate (SAMIH), which tracked and reported on anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, was supported with funding from the Victorian Government as well as the Australian Federal Police. The Australian Federal Police were listed along with community organisations as an organisational supporter of the project.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) appointed our CEO to be one of the experts in Australia’s delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. We are also grateful to DFAT for grants which support this work.

OHPI was made a member of the Research Institute on Social Cohesion (RIOSC) by the Victorian Government. We met a number of times with the Community Resilience Unit to demonstrate our capabilities. We also prepared grant proposals to enhance community cohesion and increase community resilience.

To enable OHPI to better assist Government, a range of partnerships proposals were created and discussed with various parts of Government. This included meetings with the Federal Attorney General’s Department and the Australian Federal Police, as well as meetings with the Victorian Government.

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This article is an extract based on OHPI’s Annual Report for the 2016 Financial Year. Return to the Report.