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Production of Instructional Video for Reporting Online Hate

As part of our work to educate people in utilising the Fight Against Hate software, we have facilitated the production of a short instructional video. We plan to produce a number of these videos, each customised for a specific online hate. In addition, we need a range of videos for demonstrating the reporting of hate across different social media platforms. i.e. YouTube, Facebook & Twitter. The video was presented to partners and potential partners at the IHRA meeting as well as in Italy. We are discussing the creation of an Italian version of the video to assist with the launch of the Italian project.

The first instructional video demonstrates the step-by-step process for reporting a YouTube clip containing antisemitic material. To produce the video we’ve engaged a team of students from La Trobe University Department of Communication and Media’s Creative Agency. The students have worked on the video as a practical component to their studies. The video covers the steps for reporting hateful content using the Fight Against Hate software both as a logged in user and anonymously. It also covers the new reviewing process. OHPI facilitated collaboration between the student team at La Trobe and the one at Monash, across both institutions and disciplines.

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This article is an extract based on OHPI’s Annual Report for the 2016 Financial Year. Return to the Report.