Annual Report 2019 – Online Engagement

This article is an extract based on OHPI’s Annual Report for the 2019 Financial Year. Return to the Report.

Online Engagement

OHPI continues to have a significant online presence. Our Facebook page has remained steady at around 24,000 supporters for the third year in a row. Given our overall level of activity was similar to 2017 (with 27 reports / briefings this period compared to 25 in 2017) our organic reach is a little better this year and we have further enhanced this with additional paid reach for key posts. The addition of a donate button on Facebook means some of the posts we boost are effectively paying for themselves.

A significant extension to our online program this year has been our live feed of video postings via Facebook. Video recordings of conferences and memorial services have added a new dimension to the content shared with our Facebook followers. Events were streamed live, in real-time, permitting our followers to see these as they happened. Each recording has then become a permanent posting on our Facebook homepage.

A total of 40 video recordings were published. Recordings made at events which included: The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (Mondorf, Luxenberg), International Conference of Cohesive Societies (Singapore), The Human Rights & Technology Conference (Sydney), UN Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration (Melbourne), and vigils / memorial services held in Melbourne for victims of terrorist attacks in both New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Our major source of engagement was from boosted posts. A post that spoke of a noticeable rise in Racism towards indigenous Australians on Australia Day received 15,000 paid views and 6,100 organic views. A video of a testimony at the Holocaust Memorial Day (Melbourne) received 700 organic views and 5,900 paid views. Posts associated with the New Zealand terrorist attack received paid reach of 5,700, 8,000, 11,800 and organic reach of 883, 1,000 & 4,100. Boosting a post hasn’t always been required for maximum reach. For instance, a post discussing hate directed at a Muslim Senator because of her Christmas greeting received 13,600 organic views without any boosting (no paid views).

Our Twitter continues to grow, mostly from engagement at conferences and events where we have live tweeted.

Our website statistics are similar to 2017 but slightly down on that year. This reflects the similar level of output we produced this reporting period compared to 2017. Over half of the audience to our website is from within Australia. The audience is mostly male (58.4%) and the most common age range is 25-34 (29.27%), followed by 35-44 (18.79%) and 45-54 (16.71%).

Organic search contributes 50.9% of our traffic (up from around 40% last year). Social media contributes 24.9% (compared with 27% last year and 21% the year before), and direct traffic is down to 18.8% (down from 28% last year and 32% the year before). This reflects a reduction in newsletters promoting our content as well as the increase in paid promotions of content on Facebook. Referrals from other sites were slightly up to 5.5% (compared to 5% in previous years). Facebook made up 85.84% of the social media traffic with Twitter making up 11.27%.

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This article is an extract based on OHPI’s Annual Report for the 2016 Financial Year. Return to the Report.