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Information for Supporting Organisations

The Online Hate Prevention Institute is please to invite NGOs, community organisations, academic institutions, government agencies and departments, foundations and other organisations to become supporters of our new tool for combating online hate. The tool is a world first and further information about the tool and the launch is available here. We also invite companies, foundations, government agencies and departments, and other organisations to become sponsors for the launch.

Becoming a supporter

Supporting the new “Fight Against Hate” tool is a statement against the rising levels of hate speech in social media. This includes cyber-racism, cyber-bullying, online misogyny, religious vilification, homophobia, serious trolling and other online threats to individuals, communities, and the public good of a safe and inclusive society.

  • The logos of supports will be displayed on a supporters page on the event site (to be made public on November 24th)
  • A one paragraph statement from each supporter will be included on the supporters pages. This should:
    • Speak about the importance of tackling online hate
    • Where relevant, a supporter can briefly mention what they do to combat online hate
    • Where relevant, a supporter can speak about the impact of online hate they see / deal with
    • Where relevant, speak about the benefits of the tool to the supporter (how will access to a database of online hate help you OR how will researchers looking to hate against people you represent help you?)
    • Say something positive about the release of the tool e.g. (a) congratulate OHPI on its work, (b) welcome the launch of the tool, (c) encourage everyone who sees hate to use the tool, etc
  • Supporters will be offered the opportunity to setup their own team in the system (ahead of the launch) and invite their supporters to join their team. Team are important as they allow information to be shared. All members of a team can see the reports made by other members of that team. An organisation can use a team in order to collect its own information from its own supporters.
  • Supporters will be invited to join the stakeholder group that will be consulted as further develops are made to the software
  • In the second half of 2015 supporters will be invited to take part in free trials of advanced tools for processing and access the database of hate. These advanced tools will later be licensed to approved organisations and agencies in return for a fee which will support OHPI’s work (including further development of the online tool).

There is no financial commitment to becoming a supporter for the event but the one paragraph statement and logos must be received by Friday 28st of November. OHPI may limit the number of supporters or reject specific applications at its sole discretion.

Becoming a sponsor

OHPI is Harm Prevention Charity and able to accept tax deductible donations. Foundations, companies, or individuals who have donated $5,000 or more to OHPI will be offered acknowledged as sponsors in promotional material for this event. OHPI is seeking an additional $400,000 over the next two year to support further development of this system (Phase 2 & Phase 3). These later phases will improve the accuracy of the system through the addition of artificial intelligence, and will improve the usefulness of the tool by providing greater capabilities for organisations and agencies using the tool to sort and search for specific data, or needing to be informed of critical data in real time.

To become a sponsor, please contact our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, or make a donation.

Resources for sponsors and supporters