How to Report a YouTube Comment

You must be logged into YouTube to report an item, but if you have any Google account (such as gmail) you will already have a valid login due to their unified services.

Step 1

  • Move your cursor over the offending comment to reveal an arrow to the top-right of it
  • Click on the arrow

Step 2

  • Clicking the arrow opens the option to Report spam or abuse
  • Click Report spam or abuse

Step 3

  • Select the type of offense; in this case Hate speech or graphic violence
  • Click Continue

Step 4

  • Your report has now been sent
  • Click OK to close the reporting interface and hide the comment

Step 5

  • You will see a brief notification of the comment being removed, after which it will be hidden from you

For our entire list of reporting guides for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, go here.

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