OHPI interviewed by CAAMA radio

Mikaela Simpson, Don’t Discriminate… Appreciate, April 22, 2015, CAAMA, http://caama.com.au/dont-discriminate-appreciate

OHPI interviewed by CAAMA radio on the issue of hate against Aboriginal Australians in social media. In particular, we discuss a Facebook community page in Alice Springs that was being used to promote violence and vigilante action against Aboriginal youth.

As we emphasise in the radio interview, reporting hate to the platform providers is the first step towards fighting online hate. Here is a compendium of guides on how to report hate on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: https://ohpi.org.au/how-to-guides/

If the hate speech is still not removed, please report it to our online hate reporting tool FightAgainstHate.com. We will document the link and monitor it to see whether it is removed within reasonable time. If not, we will use it to build campaigns to remove certain kinds of online hate.