OHPI Presenting at Greek Government Conference

This weekend our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, will be presenting at a hybrid conference run by the Greek Government on the topic “Fighting Antisemitism and Holocaust Distortion and Denial on the Digital Battlefield”. Dr Oboler will provide the first keynote presentation in a session on “problem identification and solutions so far”, as well as presenting as part of a panel on “Best Practices”.

As part of our preparation for this conference we configured our Fight Against Hate Software to work in Greek. As we have used machine translation, if any translations can be improved, please let us know.

Report antisemitism – Greek language version

To use the tool, enter the URL of an antisemitic item of online content. E.g. this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t98hVJhRaTw

About the video

The video “Blood, blood, and more blood…” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t98hVJhRaTw) spreads antisemitic disinformation claiming blood libel is a real Jewish practice. The video is based on antisemitic book from Germany written in 1941 at the start of WWII.

In the course of the video:

  • It states: “Gentile, Aryan children’s blood have been ritually sacrificed this is a historical well known fact”
  • It shows a number of well known historical drawings of blood libel (the art work is real, even if what it depicts is not)
  • It then states “Blood is being drained and collected from the child while alive”, “after drinking the blood, it’s sprinkled and baked into the unleavened bread”
  • It then provides what it claims are quotes from significant historical Rabbis and biblical verses
  • It proceeds to claim animal sacrifice was substitute for human sacrifice, before concluding that “animal scarifice does not replace human sacrifice, rather it represents it” and goes on to claim that “according to Jewish law the Gentile is an animal”
  • It shows a printed page titled “Table of Ritual-Murders established by this investigation” which lists document cases of blood libel accusations, but from the heading asserts they are all true claims.
  • It then states “white children are still disappearing” – tying in to white supremacy ideology
  • It then promotes the antisemitic book “Jewish Ritual-Murder: A Historical Investigation” by Hellmut Schramm. (More on this below)

A comment on the video

Antisemitic videos attract antisemitic comments. The example below furthers the spread antisemitic disinformation.

It reads: “my grand mom was saying a story that happened around 1930-40 in Iran (long story short ) police of Iran at that time found a big underground place in a big house located out of the city which was belonged to a Jew. they found dead bodies of Muslim and Christian kidnapped children which their blood was drained and collected. NOW that I grew up and research I see same things happened in Russia , Germany, England , Spain , US and … they do even in todays society its a ritual that gives them power and money by demons GOD punish them Amen”

There are other stories of Mullas in Iran, around the 1930s, spreading blood libel accusations. The most well known case of Blood Libel in Iran, however, was in 1910 in Shiraz when false claims against the Jewish community led to 12 people being killed and 50 wounded, as well as mass looting through the Jewish quarter. The comment on YouTube highlights how an oral tradition of antisemitism is manifesting in modern times online.

The Book

Hellmut Schramm’s “Jewish Ritual-Murder: A Historical Investigation” was first published in German as “Der jüdische Ritualmord, eine historische Untersuchung” in Germany in 1943. 15 editions were published over 1933 and 1934.

Regina Belser completed a translation into English in December 2001 and published it on her website. In a foreword to that translation she states that she has come to be believe Jewish Ritual Murder to be real, she denies the Holocaust, and she laments about the threat to white racial survival.

In 2004 she gave permission to JRBooksOnline, a publisher which describes its focus as “White solidarity and White Nationalism”, to publish her translation as book. It was released in 2007, along with a German edition. A new edition in English was released in 2017.

The 2007 and 2017 versions are available from multiple websites either for purchase or as free downloads. On the Internet Archive it is included as part of a collection of Blood Libel books.