OHPI Start Petition to Facebook

This is the text of OHPI’s petition to Facebook demanding that they stop rejecting complaints of Online Hate. This follows our report on this issue.

Stop allowing Hate Speech on Facebook; stop ignoring the terms of service!

Facebook is failing to live up to its obligations under its terms of service. It is failing to prevent the platform being used to spread hate and take it viral. Example of clear antisemitism that were reported to Facebook have now been reviewed by them and they have decided not to take any action. The picture of Anne Frank with the text “Whats that burning? Oh, my it’s my family” is just one outragous example which was reported to Facebook only for the complaint to be dismissed. The company is letting down the Facebook community, that is us, the people. More details at: https://ohpi.org.au/?p=286

We demand Facebook immediately:

1. Shutdown the pages “Controversial-Humor-Jewish-Memes” (ID# 389407607793765 ) and “Holocaust”(ID #307998715931777)

2. Ban the users who created these pages in response to their promotion of hate speech

3. Competently review all complaints about racist pages that have been rejected

We ask that Facebook:

1. Change the way reports regarding pages are managed. Pages should use the same “Support Dashboard” as complaints for photos, timelines and profiles.

2. Investigate how the complaints about the images shown at https://ohpi.org.au/?p=286 were rejected

3. Implement better training processes for staff managing complaints

4. Implement ongoing regular systematic audits of complaints processed by front line staff

Hate speech can target either a person or a group of people. It includes speech targeting all people of a particular race, nationality, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, sexuality, gender identity, gender, or on the basis of a medical condition or disability. Facebook’s terms of service, the “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities”, clearly state: “You will not post content that: is hate speech”. Facebook must act to remove the hate.
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