Report YouTube video “Noonga Talk”

“Noonga Talk” is a racist YouTube video promoting hateful stereotypes of Aboriginal Australians. It was uploaded on July 5, 2009 and has been viewed 3,720 times. The video makes a thin pretence at humour but given its racist premise is insulting and offensive to the Australian Aboriginal community.

The stereotypes promoted by the video include presenting Aboriginal Australians as unintelligent, drug dependent, welfare abusers, petty criminals and more. The community is already highly marginalised and poorly represented in our education systems, workforce and other institutions. Such stereotypes only serve to further its isolation and marginalisation.

Watch the original video here:

In case the video has been removed, here’s a screenshot for reference.

YouTube Cover image

Examples from the page

Example 1: Aboriginal Australians as criminals

20150818 youtube screenshot.Theft

View this portion of the video here:

Example 2: Aboriginal Australians as drug abusers

20150818 youtube screenshot.Glue

View this portion of the video here:

Example 3: Aboriginal Australians as Welfare dependant

20150818 youtube screenshot.Welfare

View this portion of the video here:

Please report this video as hate speech to YouTube.

Here is an illustrated guide to reporting a YouTube video. You can also report the User and the racist comments that accompany the video.

We also request you to report the video to OHPI’s online hate reporting tool For instructions on how to register to Fight Against Hate, go here, and here are the instructions to reporting a YouTube video to the system.

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