Stop Islamophobia

This page, first listed by OHPI on April 11 2013, contains a mix of content that is hate speech.

Take Action:

1. Visit

2. Click Report Page


3. Select the option that it shouldn’t be on Facebook:


4. Select that it is Hate Speech and a new dropdown box will appear where you can select that it is against a religious group


5. Select the box to say you want to report it to Facebook (as we have pointed out, this box should be ticked by default or not needed at all – fix it Facebook!)


6. And you are done! Thank you for helping push back against rising online hate in social media


Hate examples

We like to provide a few examples of the hate from the pages we have asked people to report, this shows why the pages needed to be reported. Here’s some examples from this page:

Islamophobia example: Violent Muslim stereotype

This first example is Islamophobic because it promotes the stereotype of the “violent Muslim” with no respect for society or the law.


Islamophobia through collective guilt: Muslims are responsible for all acts done in the name of Islam

This example is Islamophobic as it promotes an idea of collective guilt, that is, the idea that all Muslims are responsible for all acts done in the name of Islam.