Success! OHPI gets hate removed


On Harmony Day, March 21, 2015, we initiated a social media campaign asking our supporters to report three hateful images on Facebook. One was antisemitic, another anti-Muslim and the third image was anti-Aboriginal.

A big thanks to all our supporters who participated in the campaign by reporting the images to both Facebook and to our online hate reporting tool, We are happy to report that at least one of the images – the anti-Aboriginal one – has been removed. This is over and above, the four Facebook pages and three Twitter handles we managed to get suspended in the last seven days for spreading online misogyny, hate against Indigenous Australians, and antisemitism.

The two images below are still online, unfortunately. Please continue reporting these pages (both to Facebook and to our online hate reporting tool) so that we can monitor how long and many reports does it take for Facebook to remove the hateful images.

Antisemitic Image ( :

antisemitic image

Image of anti-Muslim hate (


A) Here’s a guide to reporting Facebook images to the platform:

B) Here’s how to report it to our hate reporting tool:

We are glad to see that our hard work is paying off and social media platforms are beginning to take reports of hate speech more seriously.

Let’s continue to remain vigilant with our monitoring and reporting of hate speech.

OHPI is an Australian harm prevention charity dedicated to fighting online hate, including online racism, religious vilification, misogyny, cyberbullying, serious trolling and more. You can support our work by liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter (@onlinehate), and/or donating to us.