Jul 2020
The Facebook boycott in the United States is deeply concerning. It is a symptom of popularism and the modern post-fact world – not a solution to those problems. The demands attached to it in...

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May 2020
Dr Gerald Roche: Universities must protect academic freedom, but to do so, they also need to protect their people from attacks and abuse. Attacking ideas is fine, attacking people is not.

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Mar 2020
This briefing is a follow up to our article about Dymocks selling 94 editions of Mein Kampf. The editions include the Nazi’s official translation and many of these editions lack any commentary and offer...

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Apr 2019
Earlier today I was interviewed on ABC Radio by Myf Warhurst. We discussed the problem of online hate and what the Online Hate Prevention Institute does about it. This was a head of talks...

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Sep 2017
The #DebateWithoutHate campaign is a campaign to counter the bullying, harassment, vilification, bigotry and hate speech which is being expressed online as a result of the public debate around the same sex marriage postal...

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