Oct 2014
Originally published as: Andre Oboler, “It’s Time Facebook Repents“, Jerusalem Post, October 3, 2014. On the morning of Rosh Hashannah a petition signed by 10,306 people arrived at Facebook Headquarters asking the company to...

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Aug 2014
August 10, 2014: Andre Oboler, Online Pressure for War, Jerusalem Post, http://www.jpost.com/Blogs/Internet-Engagement/Online-pressure-for-war-372898 In my previous article I discussed social media’s role in spreading anti-Semitism as a tool of war. I discussed the manipulation that was leading...

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Jul 2014
July 17, 2014: Andre Oboler, Facebook Caught in Social Media War, Jerusalem Post, http://www.jpost.com/Blogs/Internet-Engagement/Facebook-caught-in-Social-Media-War-372962 Beyond the physical war between Hamas and Israel and another war is raging. This other war is taking place in social...

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May 2014
The Greek Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn now has branches in Australia, and with the help of Social Media, they have connected with the Australian far-right party Australia First. Brought together through social media, the...

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Dec 2013
December 18, 2013: Andre Oboler, Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech in Australia, Jerusalem Post, http://www.jpost.com/Blogs/Internet-Engagement/Freedom-of-Speech-and-Hate-Speech-in-Australia-364133 Freedom of speech is an important right, but it is not absolute. Like all other rights, it can at...

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