May 2022
We are deeply saddened by the far-right terrorist attack in Buffalo, NY, over the weekend which killed 10 people and injured three. We express our condolence to the families of victims and to all...

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Mar 2022
This is the second briefing in a new project documenting anti-Asian hate on Facebook and Instagram. This project is being conducted in partnership with Meta’s Australian office and the Race Discrimination Team at the...

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Jan 2022
Today, January 26th, is a day of competing narratives. Whatever your focus on this day, we urge all Australians to also take time to reflect on the perspective of others. Indigenous perspective For many...

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Sep 2021
The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI), Australia’s only national harm prevention charity dedicated to tackling all forms of online hate and extremism, welcomes the Victorian Government’s response to the inquiry into anti-vilification protections. For...

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Mar 2021
The Online Hate Prevention Institute warmly welcomes the report of the Inquiry into anti-vilification protections which was tabled today in the Victorian Parliament. The Inquiry undertook extensive consultation. Committee members were deeply engaged and...

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