Recently, OHPI teamed-up with an Israeli organisation They Can’t in a call to fight online antisemitism. They Can’t particularly focusses on YouTube videos that promote, incite and abet violence against Jews. It has succeeded in getting thousands of such videos removed from YouTube.

Unfortunately, thousands still remain online. A recent research we conducted, tracking 2,000 items of antisemitism on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, found that nearly 70 per cent of items inciting violence against Jews on YouTube were still online after 10 months of reporting it. At a time, when hate crimes against Jews are on the rise around the world, such callousness from YouTube is simply unacceptable. You can view the full report “Measuring the Hate: The State of Antisemitism on Social Media“.

They Can’t is  currently running an online petition demanding YouTube to follow its terms of service and remove videos that incite violence against Jews and Israel. You can view it here.

Please support the petition. Spreading and promoting violence against any race, ethnicity or nationality should have no place on our social platforms.

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