Report Misogyny & Abuse on Twitter

Win! This account has since been suspended. Thanks to all who reported this account. 

This briefing highlights a misogynistic and abusive Twitter account.

The Twitter account holder is directing highly abusive and misogynistic tweets at other women on Twitter, particularly those who identify as feminists. His tweets also speak of people with disabilities in an offensive way.

We share some tweets by this account along with links for you to view and report the tweets. You can also report the account holder. (Instructions on reporting have been shared below).

We have hidden the exact identity of the account holder in this briefing because while we want his tweets reported and removed, and for Twitter to take suitable action against his account, we don’t want the incident to follow him in the future after his behaviour has been reprimanded. Internet images are nearly impossible to remove once uploaded.

Example 1 and 2 are abusive tweets using gendered insults which are directed at women in the public eye, who openly identity as feminists. We don’t stand against people criticising and debating political attitudes but the tweets below are merely abusive and are meant to insult and silence the women. Such language should have no place in public spaces.

Example 3 is misogynistic tweet against the female martial artist Rhonda Rousey, in which the twitter account holder invites others to join in the abuse via a public poll.

Example 4 & 5 are tweets that are offensive to people with disabilities by implying that they are stupid and unintelligent. Such usage only furthers stereotypes about people with disabilities, and promotes disrespect of them.

Example 1:

Ryan So tweet 1

View this tweet here to report it.

Example 2:

Ryan So Tweet 2

View this tweet here to report it.

Example 3:

Ryan So tweet 3

View this tweet here to report it.

Example 4:

Ryan So tweet 4

View tweet here to report.

Example 5:

Ryan so tweet 5

View tweet here to report it.

Please report these tweets and the Twitter account holder. Instructions on how to report the tweets and the account holder are here.

Also report the tweets and account holder to OHPI’s independent hate reporting system, after reporting it to Twitter. This will allow us to monitor how many reports are made to Twitter before it removes the tweets, and thus build public accountability of Twitter’s responses to such reports.

You can sign into directly using your Facebook login. Alternatively, you can register using an email account. Instructions on how to register are here, and how to report items to the system are here.

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