Report antisemitic YouTube video “History of Multiculturalism”

It is heartbreaking to find classic racism and antisemitism on the Internet.

Scholars around the world have written tomes battling racism from scientific, social, cultural and historical contexts, laws have been coded to expunge them from society, and community bodies have dedicated incredible time and effort around the world to combat them.

Yet, we encounter YouTube videos such as “History of Multiculturalism” by YouTube user HelpSaveWhiteRace which presents Jews as evil monsters conspiring for world domination, black people as stupid apes, and mixing of races as genocide of the white race and we are reminded how social media has played a big role in reviving base, old-style racism. The page shares links to more racist content online that people can access. The offensive commentary that follows the video evidences how such videos encourage and promote further racism and hatred.

The video is offensive to all non-white communities but particularly to Jewish and black communities. It has no place on YouTube. Please report it to the platform and to our independent online hate reporting tool Reporting it to our tool helps us record how many times it was reported to the platform before it removed it, if at all. It helps us build a stronger case against social media platforms.

Here is the video:

Here is an image of the video for reference (in case YouTube removes the video).

History of Multiculturalism

Here are three comments on the video.

History of Multiculturalism comment 1

History of Multiculturalism comment 2History of Multiculturalism comment 4

Please report the video, the YouTube user and the comments to the platform.

Instructions on how to report YouTube videos and comments are here. Instructions on how to report items to are here. (You can sign into to using your Facebook login. Else, you need to register using an email account. Here are instructions on how to register).

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