3CR Interview

On Thursday our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, was the guest on “Yeah Nah Pasaran!” a show run by anti-fascist activists Andy Fleming and Cam Smith on radio station 3CR in Melbourne (855 AM / www.3cr.org.au).

In the show we discussed where the Online Hate Prevention Institute came from and what we do.

The technical nature of the organisation was highlighted, including the way we have led change in various online platforms as well as in the laws and approaches used to tackle online hate.

Dr Oboler noted how OHPI grew out of a project focused on antisemitism, but after two years we realised how “the nature of the hate is different but the problem is the same across a large number of communities”. It was this that led to the creation of the Online Hate Prevention Institute and its approach dealing with all forms of online hate.

The interview also discussed the difference between the US and Australia when it comes to hate speech and free speech and where the line is drawn. We went into a conversation on the meta verse and online gaming. We also discussed moves to ban Nazi symbols in various parts of Australia.

You can listen back to a podcast of the show.