An extremely antisemitic Facebook Group

An extremely antisemitic Facebook Group “Zionist Israel A Threat to Mankind” (ID: 143181956051023) has gathered 26,489 members after operating for just 4 months. The page’s contents ranges from Holocaust denial to incitement to genocide. This briefing focuses on one post in the group, the comments on that post, and the way it went viral.

UPDATE 8pm: The post discussed here was removed within 2 hours of OHPI publishing this briefing.  The group, however, remains online and there is plenty of other content which needs to be reported and removed. The group itself needs to be closed, it is by intention a hate group. This briefing highlights the nature of the content in this group, and further briefings will follow while the group remains open. The blood libel promoting YouTube video discussed in this article is also still online – please keep reporting it and keep sharing this briefing. We will add to it while the group remains online.

The post promoting genocide

One image shows Hitler doing a Nazi salute with the text “By fighting off the Jews I am doing the Lord’s work – Adolf Hitler”. It was posted with the comment, “I proud of u great Hitlor u killed 6 million dogs”.  This imaged was liked 152 times and shared 3 times, reaching an audience of around 10,000 people, all within 2 hours of being posted. An a hour later it was up to 201 likes and 15 shares and growing rapidly. (See the post live and report it here, you can also report it to [see how!]).

20160420 Group 143181956051023 fbid 1704792309791851

The comments on this post show how the hate against Jews is spread with a combination of demonization, misinformation, and conspiracy theories. These first comments compare Jews to the Nazis and devils and promotes the Khazar myth, a debunked academic racial theory (since disproved by DNA evidence) and turned into a conspiracy theory and seeking to deny Jews their identity.

20160420 Group 143181956051023 fbid 1704792309791851 comments 1

Other comments denied the Holocaust arguing Hitler “never killed 6 million jews this is propaganda!” various “real” numbers were suggested instead including 160,000 and 234,000 “tops”.  The original posted wasn’t particularly interested “Almost 6 millions whatever it’s he killed jew dog”. Then we get a poster claiming “There is not a single terrorist in Palestine because we are fighting for our land freedoms etc” and another speaking about “the media that is owned by Zion”, promoting another traditional antisemitic conspiracy theory.

20160420 Group 143181956051023 fbid 1704792309791851 comments 2

Another poster jokes about the current reign of knife related terrorist attacks in Israel (more on the Knife Intifada here).

20160420 Group 143181956051023 fbid 1704792309791851 comment 4

Another commenter shares a YouTube Video where the music from the song “Tradition” from Fiddle on the Roof provides a sound track to antisemitic lyrics and pictures of historic depictures of promoting the blood libel, the false claim that Jews murder Christian children to use their blood to make the Passover Matzah. The Jews were often blamed for the death or disappearance of Christian Children in the Middle Ages and the result was often a massacre of the Jewish community.

20160420 Group 143181956051023 fbid 1704792309791851 comment 5


Images from the video (you can see the video and flag it here [help on reporting a YouTube video], you can also report it to




The songs lyrics go:

jews day and night must scramble for a victim
Gotta hunt the goyim
Gotta suck their soul

We are the chosen
We can do no wrong
And we are yahwehs favorite ones


Who must rape the goyim children in their homes
The jewish know, the jewish know
And never was a rabbi held accountable
They all got paid off and they all shut up


At three they started hebrew school at ten they learned to hate
I hear they found a goyim boy
And drowned him in the lake


The goyim are our slaves
From them we all get paid
We like to steal their shiksas
And rape them night and day


SPOKEN: You see goyim, we’ve enslaved you for thousands of years. We don’t think you have souls, and yaweh told us you’re worst then beasts. Because we want to please yaweh we will do whatever we can to stay on top…even if that includes geocoding the White race. Thats’ right you filthy anti-semites.

A word on Facebook Groups, Infiltration and Trolls

It is important to remember that unlike Facebook Pages, people can be added to groups without their consent. This antisemitic group has a number of Jewish and pro-Jewish people as members, and at least some appear to have been added by fake accounts. We’ve seen this recently with fake accounts infiltrating Jewish friendship groups, adding one person as a friend, then many more as people see they have friend in common and assume they might know the person. The troll then adds the Jewish targets to a hate groups like this one.

The Online Hate Prevention Institute urges all Facebook users to only accept people as friend if you actually know them. You may not care, but you may prove to be the weak link in your circle of friends and allow others to be targeted. Be careful out there in Facebook land.


There is much more to be documents, archived and reported from this group alone, and there are many more Facebook groups, Facebook pages, YouTube Videos and Twitter accounts going in to Online Hate Prevention Institute each day. At last count over 5,500 social media hate items had been reported to us through and antisemitic content accounted for roughly half of all the reports. Unfortunately due to a shortage of financial support for our work, we are currently unable to cope with the volume of reports flooding in to us. As an independent Australian charity, we are not funded by other organisations or communal appeals. We rely on donations to operate and after four years of operations, we are still struggling to create understanding of why our work tackling the viral spread of antisemitism and other forms of hate, and the promotion of terrorism through social media, is something people should make a tax deductible donation to support.

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Part 2: Radicalisation

Looking through the members of this group proves interesting. Take this person for example:

20160420 user 100010122697340 mini in group

His full details say his occupation is “Scout-Sniper at Hamas” and “Commander at Al-Qassam Brigades”.

20160420 user 100010122697340 occupation

He’s clearly not from Gaza, or is it likely he is Muslim based on his other posts.

20160420 user 100010122697340 uk

On the other hand, his views are clear. In this post he writes, “Bully people, Murder people…do what you may Zionist Israel but you’re time draws ever closer..the world see’s and the truth is oozing out and the world will know what a vile parasitic breed Zionists are. In the future to mention Israel will be an embarrassment to humanity.”

20160420 user 100010122697340 post1

In this post he promotes a petition whose images reads “Resistance is not terrorism”. The image glorifies the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) which is a proscribed terrorist organisation in the European Union and the United States.

20160420 user 100010122697340 post2

Then there are his posts promoting Hitler and the Nazis:

20160420 user 100010122697340 post3

20160420 user 100010122697340 post4

Just in case we had any doubt about what he means by all his pro-Palestinian support, he updated his cover image to make it clear:

20160420 user 100010122697340 post5

Around the same time he updated his profile picture to this:

20160420 user 100010122697340 post6

Perhaps this is the sort of person security services fear may be at risk of radicalisation?

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