Jun 2019
YouTube have just made three important changes to their policies to strengthen their efforts against hate. These moves are warmly welcomed by the Online Hate Prevention Institute which has noted the use of YouTube...

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Jun 2016
Yesterday’s briefing on the agreement between the European Commission and Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft and Twitter on improvements to handling hate speech received a strong positive reaction, almost 300 likes and shares, but also a...

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May 2016
The Online Hate Prevention Institute welcomes the news that the European Union has just reach agreement on a code of conduct to tackle hate speech with the largest social media platforms providers: Facebook, Microsoft,...

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Apr 2016
An extremely antisemitic Facebook Group “Zionist Israel A Threat to Mankind” (ID: 143181956051023) has gathered 26,489 members after operating for just 4 months. The page’s contents ranges from Holocaust denial to incitement to genocide....

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Jan 2016
One of the most virulent forms of anti-Muslim hate speech is one which presents Muslims as inherently violent or equate all Muslims to terrorists. It is aimed at instilling fear of all Muslims living in...

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