On August 23, OHPI attended the annual ADC Gandel Oration. The speaker was Rabbi Abe Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading human rights organisation, who spoke on the topic: “Global Anti-Semitism, Holocaust Denial and the War Against Israel”.

You can hear Rabbi Cooper in his own words in a radio interview with Jon Faine for 774 ABC Melbourne. In the interview, he speaks on digital terrorism and online hate speech. Rabbi Cooper is a leading expert on online hate and extremism and works with OHPI on the online antisemitism working group of the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism.

In the interview, Rabbi Cooper focuses on how social media and new technologies are being leveraged by Islamic terrorists to spread the message of hate. While messages of hate always existed, social media have given them the tools to mass market the hate. This is the reason why OHPI largely focuses on getting content removed from social media.

He also talks about the far right and neo-Nazi movements, Holocaust denial and where to draw the line on free speech.

OHPI combats online messages promoting violent extremism (both Islamic and Far Right). In fact, people can report such content to our online hate reporting tool FightAgainstHate.com, which has a specific category to report such hate. We collect the data and share it with the relevant government agencies. In fact, here is a letter from the Attorney General’s office taking note of the work we have put in to fight online hate.

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