Fight Against Hate, in brief

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Fight Against Hate, in brief

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The images below show some of the features of the Fight Against Hate system.

The main page

On the main page users can quickly report hate by pasting the web address of the content into the blue “new report” box.  The system also monitors how many items a user has reported and how many “wins” (when a social media platform acts on their report) the user has had. From this screen the user can also access other parts of the system to view the list of items they have reported, the list of items members of their team have reported, and the screen to review reports others have made.

FAH allows you to report offensive content, review content already reported, and displays scores for having offensive content taken down.

The classification page

After reporting an item, or after reviewing an item and indicating that it is hate speech, the user is invited to classify what type of hate speech they have reported. Some categories such as cyberbullying, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate have further sub-classifications.

Offensive content can be classified according to who it targets, with more detailed secondary classifications if required.

View reports page

The view reports page lets a user see all the items they have reported, whether the items are still online, and when they first reported that item. On the team reports page the user can see all items that members of their team have reported, and how many members have reported each item. The aim is for members of a team to work together to enable multiple reports to be made to the social media platform so action will be taken more swiftly.

View records of your own reports, as well as your team, with information about reporting date and whether or not offensive content has been removed.

Review an item page

This page gives the user a random item from the system which they have not seen before. The user is invited to say whether or not it is hate speech. If they indicate it is hate speech they are then asked to classify it. By having users randomly review the reports others have made to the system Fight Against Hate can help ensure greater accuracy in the reporting system.

Review reports to ensure consistency and standards between users.


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