Help stop the online incubator for antisemitism

We’re currently in Croatia at the plenary of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance as part of the Australian Government’s delegation. At this meeting we have two presentations on our world leading work looking at the change in online antisemitism after the October 7 terrorist attack. Here is a small part of what we’ve shared, as well as an appeal for the public, major donors, and government to get behind this vital work.

The following in not part of the presentation to IHRA. It is for you.

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Examples of the antisemitic content

This example promoted a Kazar conspiracy theory.

This content effective declares that all Israeli civilians should be treated as targets. It excuses Hamas’ terrorist attack and seeks to legitimize it. Note it doesn’t use occupation in sense of the occupied territories but in terms of all of Israel (Israel itself was created in 1948, 75 years ago).

Examples of responses dismissing antisemitism

Some people are seeking to undermine the voices of those raising concern about the rising antisemitism. Some of them seek to normalise and excellerate antisemitism. Some are just ignorant. Some just have another agenda and don’t care about Jews.

The comments highlight how the efforts to undermine antisemitism and the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism have been used as a way to excuse and create space for antisemitism to flourish. Here are examples from our own Facebook page in response to the post about this article.