Islamophobia on Facebook: Hate Against Muslims Crosses the Line

OHPI is currently working on a new report focused on Islamophobia on Facebook. One aspect of our report will be clarifying the definition of Islamophobia which we take as being limited to hate directed against Muslim people. While the report is still in progress, this page will list some examples of content we feel qualifies as hate speech under OHPI’s definition of Islamophobia. We encourage people to report this content and help us get it removed before the report is released.

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This page, first listed by OHPI on April 11 2013, contains a mix of content that is hate speech, for example:

Islamophobia example: Violent Muslim stereotype

This first example is Islamophobic because it promotes the stereotype of the “violent Muslim” with no respect for society or the law.


Islamophobia through collective guilt: Muslims are responsible for all acts done in the name of Islam

This example is Islamophobic as it promotes an idea of collective guilt, that is, the idea that all Muslims are responsible for all acts done in the name of Islam.


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With the help of our supporters, an OHPI campaign in early July led to Facebook removing content which claimed Muslim are unwelcome in Australia.  The content was falsely attributed to Australia’s former Pime Minister Julia Gillard and has been shared over 72,000 times. Read more.



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In another case in late July, content promoting genocide against Muslims was removed following OHPI action. The content showed a picture of a range of bullets and  the slogan “A pill for every Muslim”. Users who had previously reported the content to Facebook had their reports rejected. Following OHPI’s action Facebook reconsidered and removed the content. While welcoming the removal, the initial rejection of such blatant hate raises question about the quality of the reviewing process.