OHPI celebrates 10 years of impact against trolling, cyberbullying, online hate, and extremism

For the past ten years, The Online Hate Prevention Institute has played a leading global role in combating the spread of many types of hate through the internet.

Incorporated on 23 January 2012, the institute has highlighted how organisations and individuals have exploited the web to foster bigotry along with religious and racial intolerance. Its work has never been more important.

Over the past decade, the OHPI has:

  • produced the first significant work on anti-Aboriginal racism on social media in 2012;
  • written the first key study on Islamophobia in social media in 2013;
  • led the fight to remove Holocaust denial from Facebook in 2014;
  • employed its fight against hate software to spotlight Anti-Muslim Internet Hate in 2015;
  • released a major report on online antisemitism in social media in 2016;
  • tackled the rising online hate from the same-sex marriage postal survey in 2017;
  • reported on Flinders St attack and the far-right’s response in 2018;
  • responded to incidents such as the attacks in Christchurch, the Poway and Halle synagogue shootings, and the El Paso attack on Latinos in 2019;
  • created a train the trainer program for different community organisations to help their members recognise and counter various forms of online hate in 2020; and
  • secured a partnership with Facebook and the Australian Human Rights Commission to tackle Anti-Asian hate on Facebook and Instagram in 2021.

Throughout the year, we will celebrate the achievements of the OHPI.

Later in 2022, we hope to thank all our supporters and announce plans for the next decade at a special dinner (COVID permitting).

We still need your help. If you would like to contribute to this vital work, you can donate to the OHPI. You can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking on https://ohpi.org.au/donate/.

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