Twitter needs to grow up

As part of celebrating our 10 year anniversary we updated to Twitter setting it to be a “professional profile”, an organisation or brand, and filling in as our birthday the the date we were incorporated. Twitter’s response was to immediately lock our account because apparently the rule that you have to be at lest 13 to use Twitter applies not only to natural people, but is also being applied to accounts that Twitter has been told belong to organisations.

Hopefully twitter will unblock our account soon, and fix this flaw in their system. We recommend that Twitter accepts any age for an organisation, but require organisational accounts to be linked (whether visible or not) to the account of an individual with an age over 13 years old.

On our CEO uploading his personal ID to the form to appeal this lock, we received the following:

At the time of writing we are waiting for this review to take place, though this flaw in Twitter’s system will mean we can’t promote our anniversary to our Twitter audience on the day.