Report YouTube video promoting violence against women

This briefing highlights the misogynistic video “Is It Okay To Hit a Woman? YES, If You Support Gender Equality (Ray Rice Elevator Knock Out)” on YouTube. It was uploaded has on September 9, 2014 and has been viewed 261,282 times since. It has also received 5,001 thumbs ups as against 428 thumbs downs.

The video references a 2014 domestic violence incident in the US, in which the NFL player Ray Rice was captured on camera punching his fiancé unconscious (after she slaps him). Another video captured him dragging her limp body out of the elevator.

The video argues that gender equality implies that if she slapped him first, he had the right to assault her. However, the argument fails on two grounds. First, women are physically weaker then men. Feminist arguments on gender equality do not dispute this fact. In fact, given the difference, they ask for extra protection from the law against violence perpetrated against them by men. Second, in the context of this particular incident, Ray’s response to a slap by his girlfriend was clearly exaggerated. He punched her unconscious.

In Australia, research shows that domestic and sexual violence is overwhelmingly committed by men against women. Between 2008 and 2010, 89 women were killed by their current or former partners, which amounts to nearly one every week. Even internationally, statistics on violence against women by intimate male partners are highly concerning. Given this context, any argument condoning Ray’s behaviour and encouraging men to physically assault women (under any circumstances) has serious implications to women’s safety and security.

Please report this video to YouTube, and to OHPI’s online hate reporting system We share reporting instructions at the end of this briefing.

Below we share the original video, a screenshot of the video for reference (in case it is removed) and three examples of how it is condoning violence against women. We then share instructions on how to report the video to YouTube and to Please report the video.

Watch the original video here:

In case the video has been removed, here is a screenshot for reference.

 is it ok1

Examples from the video

Example 1: Females as the Provoker

20150828 id video image.provocation


View this portion of the video here:


Example 2: Validating violence


View this portion of the video here:


Example 3: Victim blaming

20150828 id video image.hostile (1)

View this portion of the video here:

Please report this video to YouTube.

Here is an illustrated guide to reporting a YouTube video. You can also report the User and the misogynistic comments that accompany the video.

We also request you to report the video to OHPI’s online hate reporting tool For instructions on how to register to Fight Against Hate, go here, and here are the instructions to reporting a YouTube video to the system.

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