Aug 2013
Some online hate is so bad that we stop our regular activity to see it removed. The Holocaust denial page “The Untold History” was one such page. Social media is a powerful tool and...

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May 2013
At the invitation of the World Jewish Congress, OHPI’s CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, delivered a special presentation on Online Hate Speech for a forum on Hatred and Antisemitism in Cyberspace at the meeting of...

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Mar 2013
This week the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI), an Australian Charity which I have the privilege of leading as its CEO, released my major new report into Hate Speech on Facebook. OHPI seeks to facilitate a...

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Oct 2012
Facebook is sliding into moral decay. I would say slowly, but the pace of detrimental change appears to be increasing. The change between 2008 and today is truly shocking; the more facebook grows, the...

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