Jan 2018
Far Right groups have jumped on the bank wagon of anti-African sentiment. Some are expressing it as anti-refugee sentiment, other as pure racism against people with dark skin, while a third group seek to...

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Jun 2016
Following our briefing on AFL Memes and our e-mail to Facebook, the two worst examples from the page were removed on June 3rd. Ten day’s later the page itself was closed.  The same people, however,...

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May 2016
Senator Nova Peris OAM is an Indigenous Australian, a Senator for the Norther Territory in the Australian Parliament and an Olympic gold medalist. We’re hoping we listed that in the order she would consider most important. It is...

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Jan 2016
It is heartbreaking to find classic racism and antisemitism on the Internet. Scholars around the world have written tomes battling racism from scientific, social, cultural and historical contexts, laws have been coded to expunge them...

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Aug 2015
In today’s The Conversation (a platform for academics to share research on issues of public interest) psychologists Emma Thomas and Anne Pedersen, discuss how should we, as bystanders, respond to racist behaviour. (Both Thomas and Pedersen...

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