Report “The Holocaust Fraud Exposed” YouTube video

This briefing highlights the antisemitic video “The Holocaust Fraud Exposed” on YouTube. It was uploaded on March 7, 2014 and has been viewed 15,173 times since. More concerning is the fact that it has received 216 thumbs up as against 25 thumbs down.

The video promotes Holocaust denial. It claims that the Holocaust never took place, particularly that gas chambers were never used to mass murder Jews.  As we explain in our briefing on Holocaust denial and social media, Holocaust denial is not just about hurting the sentiments of the Holocaust survivors and their family by belittling their pain and loss. Seeking to disprove the Holocaust as a hoax is a method used to promote a revival of the far right, and as a ruse to delegitimize of the State of Israel.

In fact, so strong is the evidence on Holocaust that 14 countries have banned Holocaust denial, including Germany.

Below we share the original video, a screenshot of the video for reference (in case it has been removed) and three examples from the video to illustrate its antisemitic nature.

Please report this video to YouTube and to OHPI’s online hate reporting tool We share reporting instructions at the end of this briefing.

Watch the original video here:


Here’s the screenshot of the video (for reference, in case the video is removed)



Examples from the video

Example 1:

20150902 Image2


View this portion of the video here

Example 2:

20150902 Image6


View this portion of the video here

Example 3

20150902 Image7

View this portion of the video here

Please report this video.

Here is an illustrated guide to reporting a YouTube video to the platform. You can also report the User and the antisemitic comments that accompany the video.

We also request you to report the video to OHPI’s online hate reporting tool, which would help us track how many times the video was reported and the speech and accuracy of YouTube’s response. For instructions on how to register to Fight Against Hate, go here, and here are the instructions to reporting a YouTube video to the system.

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