Daily Stormer not welcome in India

Yesterday we alerted the relevant authorities in India that the Daily Stormer, a hate site banned repeatedly all over the world, was now using a domain name registered in India, dailystormer.in. It has been operating there since November 2022. In less than 24 hours after our notification the site has been closed. We thank those who took such prompt action and we’re pleased our action led to this notorious site once again being booted off the internet.

At the time it was closed the site included an article titled “Australia: Counter-Terrorism Police Raid Multiple Properties, Seize Evil Stickers and Flyers” which was posted on January 20th 2023. The article quoted extensively from mainstream media sources while interspersing its own racist commentary. Amusingly it declared Australian neo-Nazis were likely morons. It ended with an antisemitic diatribe claiming the history of antisemitism proved there must be a valid reason for hating Jews.

Extract from the article

The Daily Stormer is the most banned site on the internet with GoDaddy, Google, Cloudflare, Reddit and Facebook, as well as providers in Russia and China, as well as many others banning the site.

The site’s disclaimer that it is “opposed to violence” and that it would permanently ban anyone promoting violence in the comments is nothing but a fig leaf. The site promotes hate and particularly antisemitism and misogyny. The hate it incites in its audience directly leads to terrorism. One of its key features is promoting the “great replacement” conspiracy theory that has led to multiple terrorist attacks including in Christchurch.

It’s fundraising used antisemitic language calling for “shekels” (Israeli’s currency) and describing it supporters can “goyim” (non-Jews) language original in this fashion on /pol/.