Take Action Now: Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial on Facebook

Facebook, Antisemitism & Holocaust Denial

Take Action Now to Stop the Hate

A number of projects are underway at the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) to combat the spread of antisemitism and Holocaust denial on social media. We invite you to join us in making a positive impact against the spread of hate, this e-mail explains how.

This updates includes information on:

  • new briefing which provides the background to the images of Antisemitism and Holocaust denial in our recent campaign video
  • A request for your help reporting additional copies, currently still on Facebook, of the images shown in the briefing
  • Details of the protest against antisemitism and Holocaust denial which will take place outside Facebook’s offices next months
  • A request for your support in signing and sharing the call for change (a petition) which will be given to Facebook at the protest

Our appeal, raising funds to built software that will empower the public and hold social media companies more accountable, is also making progress. Thank you to all our supporters for your efforts in promoting the appeal, and of course for your donations.

Dr Andre Oboler
CEO, Online Hate Prevention Institute

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The Briefing

This briefing focuses on the six images in OHPI’s campaign video which relate to antisemitism or the Holocaust. Background is provided on each image show they are without doubt hate speech.

It took significant effort for OHPI to have these images removed the first time. We were successful, but as our briefing shows, additional copies of this content are still circulating. The briefing provides a list of links to the images and we encourage you to report each of them.

Reporting the hate

To report the antisemitic content highlighted in our recent briefing, you may find OHPI’s instructions for reporting pages, posts and images helpful. The instructions were included in a recent briefing about another Holocaust denial page “The Untold History”. Unfortunately that page and its collection of antisemitic images is still up, so please take a moment to report it as well.

The antisemitism that came back

Here are some the antisemitic images which we removed, and included in our video, but which are now back on Facebook (for the address to report these please see the new briefing):

The antisemitism that wasn’t removed

Here are some of the images from the Holocaust denial page “The Untold History” which Facebook is refusing to remove (you can see the links for reporting these images in the recent briefing):

The protest

OHPI is supported the October 14 Protest outside Facebook HQ. We’ve worked with the protest organizers to create a call for change which is both beneficial to the efforts to stop hate on Facebook and can be realistically implemented by Facebook. Please join the protest if you can get there, and sign the petition with the call for change so it had more support when it is delivered to Facebook at the protest.
Where: Facebook, 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA. 94025
When: 10am October 14th 2013
Why: To call on Facebook to do more to stop online hate

Register your attendance here

The Appeal

The Online Hate Prevention Institute is currently running an appeal to raise funds to enable us to increase the impact we are having in combating online antisemitism, Holocaust denial and other forms of hate. The funds raised will support work developing new online tools which will empower social media users and hold companies like Facebook and YouTube publicly accountable.

Donations are made in $US and can be made internationally. Money goes to OHPI’s Online Hate Prevention Fund. As OHPI is An Australian charity, donations from Australian tax payers are fully tax deductible (see details).

Thank you for your support  against antisemitism, Holocaust denial and other forms of hate.  Online Hate is on the rise, but together we can make a difference.
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